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At Galaxy Eurosportl we think that we make some of the finest motorcycle riding apparel in the industry. Garments that help protect you against the weather and, should you become detached from the bike, help reduce the severity of any injuries that you may sustain.

We want to stress that last part. Good riding apparel (helmets, jackets, pants, boots, gloves) no matter how well they are made can only serve to help REDUCE the severity of injuries in the case of an accident.

Like most exciting activities, motorcycling involves RISK. And we can tell you from experience that if you part company with a motorcycle at speed the chances are excellent that YOU WILL GET HURT and you may even be killed no matter what you're wearing.

The best way to stay alive and healthy if you choose to participate in the sport of motorcycling is to stay on the bike. There are two good ways to increase your chances of staying on the bike: First, learn to ride properly. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE!

Reports have shown (and it's just common sense) that riders with greater experience generally have fewer accidents per thousand miles than those with less.

And second, KNOW YOUR LIMITS! Never ride beyond your capabilities no matter how hard that rider in front or behind you is pushing. The object is to get there, not die trying.

Motorcycling can be a thrilling lifelong sport. Make it a life LONG sport. Ride safely and choose the best gear your money can by.........VOYAGER!

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